Terrorist who attack Algerian oil refinery also took part in the US consulate attack in Benghazi


According to The New York Times, several Egyptian members of the squad of militants that lay bloody siege to an Algerian gas complex last week also took part in the deadly attack on the United States Mission in Libya in September.

The Egyptians involved in both attacks were killed but three were captured alive, and one of them described their role in both assaults.  

If confirmed, the link between two of the most brazen assaults in recent memory would reinforce the trans-border character of the jihadist groups now striking across the Sahara.

Secretary of State Hilary Clinton recently said that the Islamist militant takeover of northern Mali had created a “safe haven” for terrorists to “extend their reach” and work with other extremists in North Africa.

Regional leaders consider the recent wave of terrorist attack in North Africa as result of the Arab Spring.

Algerian officials say the militants who seized the gas field traveled through Niger and Libya, whose border is only some 30 miles from the plant at In Amenas. Mohamed-Lamine Bouchneb, the militant leading the attack at the site, had purchased arms for the assault in the Libyan capital, Tripoli. , the senior official said.

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